New Book Alert!

It took much longer than I expected it to, because it ended up being much longer than I ever expected it to be, but Book 2 of Black Fall Bears, Bearing It All, has finally released! Woohoo!

It is nearly 100k. (Sweet cherry pie!) It was a labor of love, and the love between Lily and Jake is one I adore. Their (back) stories are deep. Their bond is strong. And their journey is beautiful.

If you’ve missed my writing, well, get your e-reader ready, because I’m back, and I’ve got a lot in store for you.

And it starts with this title.

I hope you enjoy it!


Dr. Lily Reeves knows heartbreak all too well. It’s been the driving force behind every sacrifice and every decision in her adult life.

Until she meets her mate.

Jake Nelson is a bear who knows what he wants, and he wants the extra curvy doctor. But he refuses to force her hand. He won’t claim her unless she wants him to claim her.

For Lily, that means letting go of far more than she anticipates for the chance at the happily-ever-after she desires. For Jake, that means loving a human who doesn’t feel the pull the way he does and can walk away at any time.

The one thing humans and shifters have in common is that matters of the heart are always intense, especially when lives are at stake.

Black Fall is a small mountain town. Despite everyone knowing everyone, as this series will unveil, rarely do we know everything about everyone. We all have secrets. We all have desires. And we all have a bear to tame.


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