Vamp Chronicles

 The Vamp Chronicles series has officially been signed over to Permuted Press!

Be on the lookout for more information regarding this acquisition in 2015.


Vamp Chronicles is a young adult paranormal vampire romance series that follows Lexi on her journey from awkward, overweight teen to strong, confident vampeen. It is the only vampeen series on the young adult market as ‘vampeen’ is a term coined by the author.


Book 1 of the Vamp Chronicles

*Re-releasing in 2015 via Permuted Press.*

Book 2 of the Vamp Chronicles

*Re-releasing in 2015 via Permuted Press.*

Book 3 of the Vamp Chronicles

*Re-releasing in 2015 via Permuted Press.*

Book 3.5 of the Vamp Chronicles

*Re-releasing in 2015 via Permuted Press as part of book 3, Hit the Road Jack.*

Book 4 of the Vamp Chronicles

**Re-releasing in 2015 via Permuted Press.*

Book 5 of the Vamp Chronicles

*Re-releasing in 2015 via Permuted Press.*

Book 5.5 of the Vamp Chronicles

*Re-releasing in 2015 via Permuted Press as part of book 5, Darkness Falls.*

VIGILANTE: Mel’s Story
Book 6 of the Vamp Chronicles

*Re-releasing in 2015 via Permuted Press.*

Book 7 of the Vamp Chronicles

*To be released via Permuted Press.*


It seems many have not read the updates on this series. I have signed over the entire series to a publisher. I no longer have control over the release dates, this includes for the final book in the series. The publisher owns the rights to the entire series. The publisher has the entire series. It is up to them when these titles (re)release. Not me. I will post release dates as they are provided to me. Scouts honor.

1,427 thoughts on “Vamp Chronicles

      • Carol says:

        I love these books also, Can’t wait for book 4-7. The only thing I would change is Lex having feelings for just about every vamp she meets. It should be her and Kellen all the way.

      • amber wadsworth says:

        i have to say i am a 34 yr old woman and get get enough of these books, your writing is impeccable not so wrapped up in descriptions but gives you enough to get the idea, i love that you have written these with the thought of younger people reading them, my niece is excited to get them after i told her the premise. i love the thought you have put in these books and character development. what a great read you have provided me with dare i say i like them better than twilight!! i think so. i love that you reference books and how you have intertwined that in your book. i have recommended this book to all my old lady friends at the courthouse where i work and every corner i come around they are reading away there breaks and all! good job (i also love the way that you put a twist in with the world as it sits today and its defects) again good job!!

      • Monée says:

        I would like to thank you for writing such an amazing series. I also am wiring this urging you to do two things. The first would be to release book four, I have been sleepless for days reading the first three books. Once I reached the end of the story I wanted to cry, (mainly because my time burner is now finished.) thus spence is KILLING ME!!!! The second would be to signg a movie contract for this series. It may be cliché but I think it would do well in the box office. I love your work, it provides the distraction needed to survive my highly complicated life. Reading about Lexi’s problems allows meto feel better about my life. Please do not stop your hard work, I truly enjoy it.

      • jullie says:

        omg i know i read all 3 books in less than 2days someone said there is 7 books in the series well theyre all were so good so i cant wait to c wat happens love the series i love how lovell added twilight in it that is th best it is so much lije meyers books how thefes a love triangle CANTWAIT ITsTOTs THE Best
        p.s overcoming twilight

      • kamrynn says:

        Cant wait 4 the next book counting down for when it comes out on April 18 going 2 buy it as soon as it comes out along with my friends who r addicted to the series too!!

      • Sunni says:


    • Lejla Hodzic says:


      Ever since the books I haven’t stopped re-reading them like im not even joking IMAGINE they make a movie I would die 😀 this would be bigger then twilight

      PLS PLS dont stop writing Lex and Kellan are so cute and book 3 made me freak out because when I got on the last page I started saying “no this can’t be it. WHAT HAPPENS TO KELLAN! OR LEX OR THE BABY”

      And Im just gonna stop here becuz by the time i finish about how much I love this book im gonna be 54 😉 ❤

      • jullie says:

        well well i had that idea a million times i hope it will happen im going 2 tell all my friends 2 read this series thank u thank u i envy u as a writer

      • Sally says:

        I have only read one and now im starting number two (Vamp Yourself for War) and so wen i read ur comment and u said “WHAT HAPPENS TO KELLAN! OR LEX OR THE BABY” I started to freak out ’cause the book got spoiled 4 for me!! 🙂 So now im so tempted 2 read number 3!!! I have all the books that came out and im just sooooo excited to finish!!!

      • amber wadsworth says:

        i actually prefer kia, i love the true love in the story with kellan and lex, but i am a huge fan of kia as well! although cocky people cant deny that there is appeal in the fact that he is fun and protective and not wrapped in the cocoon of teen drama!! he is secure and i love that about him. maybe i am partial bc its my sons name but i have been waiting for the kellen drama to unfold although i would almost rather him just be captured for a while and eventually come back. i just hate to see kia heartbroken

      • christinlovell says:

        Unfortunately I’m still working on. I promise to provide a solid release date as soon as it’s sent to my editor, Susie. A good estimate would be a little over a week from then. Sorry for the delays!

    • Jennifer says:

      I just wanted to say I LOVE your books and have connected to them on a personal level!! You are an amazing writer and have found my FAV Vamp series!! Keep up the good work girly!!!! Can’t wait for the others!

    • alaysia says:

      okay, my heart is broken into one billion and one pieces. sorry for the depressing vibe i’m giving off, but i’ve read the vamp series 12 times over and over again in counting and i neeeeedddddd book four to complete my life. i know the summer is here and all, but can you give us a specific date as to when. i need more! lol i sound like a stalker, but i’m a reading freak.

      • Makayla says:

        Me too. I got all the books right away and finished them in like a day!!! I’m so team Kellan, though I still have a soft spot for Kai. Need book four now!!! 😀

      • meg says:

        So glad I am not the only one that has read the series more than 5 times it might be a little much but I love them so much!!!!!

    • amy says:

      I just have to tell you this was the first book series I bought on my new tablet two years ago I just love this series. I have read all of them that are out right now. You really know how to write a book I look forward to all your books. Can’t till the next one. Please keep kellan and lex together I just hate when Arthur’s take the main couple and break them up it ruins the books for me and I can’t read them anymore I can’t wait to read mel’s story

    • Crystal Kolarchick says:

      Darkness Falls cant come soon enough i fell in love with the story as soon as i read the first chapter of diary of a vampeen…so excited…

    • Imane says:

      OMG I have read all the books in about a month and i cant believe Darkness falls is only 2 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!

    • Autumn says:

      Okay, first off, I FREAKING LOVEEE THIS SERIES!!!!!!! But I just want to know one thing, one reader posted that they didn’t want Kellan to die. Chrtisin, you put that in book three and four, he is very much alive but everything ties at the end of the series. What do you mean by that? I just DO NOT want him to die!!!! They were meant to be at the very beginning. He loved her for what she was and looked at at the time and was there for her. I REALLY just want them to be happily ever after!!!! Please commit back!!!

      • christinlovell says:

        People were wondering with the epilogue of book 3 if Kellan was alive, which was why I said he was definitely alive and well in book 4. I meant that it would all tie together as in the epilogue in book 3 will be tied into the final book from Lexi’s POV. It will all be one cohesive circle in the end, flowing and making sense from beginning to end. As for the future, I can only guarantee what has been published 😉

  1. Nicole poissant says:

    That was such a great book! It had vivid descriptions, I could picture everything Lex was talking about! and who doesn’t think vampeen dude is HOT! Twilight fits to move over! Please write more books!

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! & I agree! lol My vamps are HOT! I absolutely plan to write more. Currently there are 7 books planned for the series.

      • Sarah foster says:

        Im so glad that there are more because im a senior in high school and they are the only books ive read and finished.

      • christinlovell says:

        Thank you! I really hope you keep reading. It’s my favorite way to pass the time and escape, next to writing 🙂

      • christinlovell says:

        No, sorry. Still in the writing phase for book 4. I promise to let everyone know when it is though 🙂

      • christinlovell says:

        The series will remain a young adult series all the way through. I think adult issues tend to seep into teens’ worlds though, which is why I’ve included them. 🙂

      • Lejla Hodzic says:

        AHH 7 books thank god oh please when is the forth book coming out if it doesn’t come out soon i think im going to die please tell me Kellan does not die….. at the end of book 3 it was so confusing for me i was practically telling my self WHERES THE OTHER PAGE about 5 times i finished about 2 mins ago series is really good they should make a movie

      • christinlovell says:

        Thank you! So glad you’re enjoying them! I’m still writing book 4, but plan to announce a release date in Feb. I would love to see the books made into movies. Maybe one day 🙂

      • Lejla Hodzic says:

        7 please make more lol and yes the vamps in your books are very stunning especially Kellan and Kai 😀 nut mostly KELLEN god I sound like one of those crazy twilight fans when I post a comment hahaha 😀

      • lexi says:

        OMG! seven books! yessssss i can not wait.. i just finished book three and was like.. WHAT! THTS IT!! i was sooooooo mad, but then i heard about the fourth coming out.. and now seven! i cant wait im in love with this series! ❤

      • Yasmin says:

        It’s now April 19th 2012 and the 4th book in the series hasnt come out on amazon or on the iBook store…so I was just wondering when the book was going to be released

  2. Ayan says:

    I LOVE your books! Honestly, these are the only books I didn’t stop reading because they bored me out. I read both books in five days flat. Do you think you will ever make a movie from your books? Kellan is my dream guy. I love Mel she acts just like my friend Melanie (what a coincidence)! I can’t wait to read book 3!

    • christinlovell says:

      So glad you enjoyed the books! & you have to love the coincidences of life 🙂 As for the movie, I would love to see them made into movies or a TV show. I think almost every author at some point would sacrifice their right arm to see their baby (a.k.a. book) come to life on the big screen. That’s the beauty of a dream though. You can create an ideal in your mind and then work hard to make it become reality. Don’t give up on your dream Kellan. Hope you enjoy book 3 this weekend 🙂

      • brianna says:

        Please hurry with the next one I love these books I’m almost done with the 3 one please I love love these thank u for writing these books

      • christinlovell says:

        Thank you for reading them! Hopefully you’re enjoying book 3 so far 🙂 I’m writing the next book right now. Hoping to finish it sooner rather than later. I’ll be setting a release date soon, which I’ll be posting in Feb. 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      I’m not sure yet unfortunately. I keep checking to see when the formatting has been completed and submitted to iTunes, but nothing yet, sorry. I promise to let everyone know the moment it is available though! 🙂

  3. heather says:

    I’m so glad the first diary of a vampeen was offered free to my kindle. It was so good I wanted to read slow to make it last but couldn’t put it down. Now I will have to buy the hole set and all that will come.

  4. rachelle holscher says:

    i must say, that all three books have been enticing and fun to read! i sincerely hope that you DO finish all seven books in the series, as planned. just please don’t break my heart into pieces, with kellan. 😉
    thus far, i have enjoyed the ride and have had a blast connecting with the characters! plus, i heart the way that you always describe the outfits that the girls in the story are wearing. (being a complete fadhionista)
    thank you for writing some very enjoyable books! i look forward to book 4 and the rest of the series. (and just when i thought i’d seriously had ENOUGH with the vamp books! guess not) i hope that you have a beautiful holiday season!
    peace<3. rachelle

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I definitely plan to finish all 7 books. I’m very committed to this series and my characters. I don’t think I could consciously sleep if I stopped before the characters had completed their journeys. So you know for sure you will have at least 4 more vamp books to read 🙂

      • Lexi says:

        Um do you know the date when the fourth book of diary of a vampeen comes out? because I absolutley lovd the first three and are dieing to read the last one

      • christinlovell says:

        I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the first 3 books. I’m writing book 4 right now. I’m not sure how long it will take me to write it so I can’t give you an exact date or even a guesstimation at this point. I can tell you it will absolutely be out before May though I’m hoping for much sooner.

    • christinlovell says:

      I’m writing book 4 right now. It will be released sometime in 2012. My goal is before May. I know it’s a long way off, but I don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver. I fully anticipate it will be done sooner, but just to be safe… I promise to update everyone as the day draws closer 🙂

      • Maria says:

        Before may!?! I will be reading the first three book over and over to feed my hunger to read the new one. I love love love these books and I’m so glad I came across them i love all the characters especially Kai 🙂

      • christinlovell says:

        It’s such a compliment that you’ve enjoyed the books so much. I’m aiming to deliver book 4 much sooner than May, but just in case life gets in the way, I can guarantee that month for sure.

      • Makayla says:

        My birthday is on July 16th and it would be AMAZING if book 4 came out this month!! It would be like a birthday prez to me!!! 🙂 Can’t wait!!

  5. snazzlefrazzle says:

    Love, love, LOVE these books, I am addicted. The first one was suggested to me on iTunes as a top free book, I was hooked from the beginning. I have read books 1 and 2 in the last 2 days, and am happy to learn I can now continue on to book 3. A little disappointed in iTunes for not having book 3, but so happy I could find it on Amazon. I can’t wait to get lost in this one as well.
    You are an amazing writer, I haven’t read a book in a long time that I could get so absorbed into. I feel like a teenager again reading your books. The details so vivid, the characters so mesmerizing. You really know how to get the reader involved in the stories, it draws you in, and you never want to let go.
    I’ll be waiting on pins and needles for book number 4. An April release date would be an awesome birthday present 😉

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I’m disappointed too that iTunes is taking so long. I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer. Thanks for your patience! As for book 4, you never know 🙂

      • Lauren Kelly says:

        I was wondering is book “Diary of a vampeen: Hit the road jack” on iTunes bookstore now because I cant seem to find it. I love the other two and I can’t wait for the the next one.

      • christinlovell says:

        Yes, it is. Check under just Hit the Road Jack or under my name, Christin Lovell. I hope that helps!

  6. Jessica whelan says:

    Just wanted to give you readers feed back. I love this series very different from the other vampire books out there. Has great structure and relationships with the characters. Im not a writer but I am reading all the time one of a few series and books I would tell others to read. I’m going to be looking for more of your books. Thanks!!

  7. Janie says:

    I have started reading first book and I would like to know if there is only three books or will there be more because right now I am completely obsessed and attached to this book haven’t put it down for anything! 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      Sorry, I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to. It’s available as an e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. I’m still waiting on distribution to Sony, Kobo, Deisel & iTunes/iBookstore. Is that what you were asking? Just let me know 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      It’s available on Barnes&, & – I’m still waiting on all the others unfortunately…

  8. Priscila says:

    i am in love with your books i cannot wait until the third one can be downloaded on iBooks i have just finish’d reading the secound book

  9. mackenzie says:

    christin i have just got a kindle for christmas and the first books i bought were your diary of a vampeen series i have read each of them in a day i am really exsited to read the others in the series and was wonting to know if you knew already if the book was going to take a year to start and finish.

    • christinlovell says:

      That’s wonderful! I’m glad you liked the first 3 books. I’m currently working on book 4. I should have book 4 & 5 out this year for sure, but can’t promise anything beyond that right now. Thanks for checking though 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      Hmm. I’m actually not familiar with that. That’s not part of the book so it must be a formatting error. What e-book device did you read the book on?

      • lauren says:

        I noticed that at the end of their text messages is a square symbol? this is on my iphone. I’d also like to add that I am addicted to this series and almost tore out my hair in anticipation waiting for book 3 on ibookstore. i just finished last night and was not disappointed!! I just love kellan so much and was dreading getting to the end of the book incase the worst happened, thankfully he’s still safe and well. I’d love for them to change destiny and live happily ever after.

      • christinlovell says:

        I’ve had a couple of other people comment about something to that regard. It’s a formatting error with the book that I can’t seem to get crack. Sorry. I’m glad it hasn’t taken away from your enjoyment of the series 🙂

      • christinlovell says:

        Thank God your hair is still in tact 😉 Sorry for the wait, but I’m thrilled that you enjoyed the book. Kellan is absolutely still alive and kicking. I can’t promise that they’ll elude fate, but I can promise that whatever happens, justice will be served.

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you. I’m working on book 4 right now. Not quite sure when I’ll finish it though because I’m working on multiple books at the same time. I know for sure it will be out before May though.

  10. Arsenal Mad! says:

    Omg! When will u release number 4? I love them so much- I wish I had Kellen!:P please notify us when no.4 is coming….. CANT WAIT!!

    • christinlovell says:

      I’m writing book 4 right now. Not sure on a release date as of yet, but I promise to let everyone know 🙂

  11. Mariyah says:

    Wow …. ur books are amazing… the end of the third book shocked me! It left me hanging and wanting more! I finished all of your books in 3 days… ( one day each) please hurry with the next book.. I cant wait… 😉

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you. So glad you enjoyed the first 3! I’m working on book 4 right now. Not sure when it will be out yet, but I’m aiming for sooner rather than later.

  12. Lilli says:

    I love your books. I read all three in 5 days and I normally don’t read at all. I cant wait till your next one. Oh and please don’t make kellan die I would be hart broken

    • christinlovell says:

      That’s awesome! Glad you enjoyed the books. I can’t make any promises about the lives of any of my characters, but I can promise that I will do the series, and Lexi, justice. 🙂

  13. Lauren says:

    I love the all of the books but can’t seem to
    Figure out how to get it on iTunes bookstore.
    I tried it under the authors name and also the
    Title but only the first two books pop up?

    • christinlovell says:

      I would say to try again. I’ve searched by both and it came up. It is under a different category than the first 2 though. It is under the categories of:: Romance -> Fantasy, Futuristic, Ghost -> Christin Lovell I hope that helps!

  14. Beth says:

    Will there be a fourth book? Because I just finished reading books 2 and 3 in less than 24 hours and I can’t stop thinking about what happens next

  15. Lily💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋 says:

    i am in love with diary of a vampeen and kellan
    I am soooooo jealous of lexi. good luck in writing more books and focus on writing diary of a vampeen 4
    i really hope it comes out before may coz i really wanna read it @ camp

    • christinlovell says:

      So glad you enjoyed them! I’m writing book 4 right now. I’m hopeful that I can have it out before May. That’s just a safe promise.

      • Georgia/Lulu/Tante says:

        Thx sooo much
        I am a plus sized girl 2 with a boyfriend like Kellan (think 10x hotter) with divorced parents and need glasses sometimes so i can totally relate 2 Lexi.

      • christinlovell says:

        Ok, I will try not to be a little jealous that you have your own Kellan 😉 Hehe. Congrats on snagging such a wonderful prize! You deserve it 🙂 I’m glad you were able to relate to Lexi. I can tell that you’re a strong individual already, but I love that she’s had a bit of an impact on you.

  16. shawna says:

    Olga love all three books. Just finished book 3, amazing! Only one question…I’m reading on a kindle fire and purchased from amazon and the end of the book stopped mid sentence is that how it was meant or is it error on my download? I still had 3 more pgs to go so I thought bilut they’re just blank. Otherwise fantastic writing

  17. Aimee says:

    I love these books I cant wait for may! I spent two days on my couch reading them,I never thought I would enjoy my insomnia. So hsppy Ihad these books to keep me company!

      • Makala says:

        I got confused at the end when u skipped ahead to show their son, are you going to explain that in the next book or give me a general answer? I have been with u and this series since the beginning and it is nerve-racking on waiting for the books! I hope it all goes well with the writing and I hope for the books to be longer (so they will last longer). I wish there were movies to this series! My mom won’t read my books (because they are not her taste apparently) but she would watch them if they were movies!

      • christinlovell says:

        Sorry for the confusion. By the end of the series, everything will be tied together, including the epilogue of this book. By skipping ahead, I gave readers a glimpse at the future. It was meant to enhance the questioning of Kellan’s fate, not necessarily to indicate that he had died in book 3, which he didn’t, but to make the reader scoot to the edge of their seat and say a prayer for him. I think readers will have (more) solid footing on the series and the end of book 3 with book 4, though Kellan’s fate will be a lingering question mark. (Sorry!)
        I would love to see the books made into movies! If it comes along, I would certainly go for it! There is a large audience out there that doesn’t read, or doesn’t read this type of book, that would invest in the movies. Maybe one day it will happen 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      I’m working on it right now 🙂 As soon as I’m closer to the end, I will provide everyone with an official release date.

  18. rebecca schumacher says:

    O.m.g….I’m so sorry I completely love you rbooks and ur short story…my boyfriends a little upset tho lol….I’m a plus size semi-single mommy its feels great to get a little get away from reality for a while…thank u really! Cant wait for everything to come!!!

    • christinlovell says:

      Let him be upset. Us mommies absolutely need a great escape from time to time, and books are my personal guilty pleasure so I’m glad you enjoyed mine. 🙂

  19. rebecca schumacher says:

    Sorry I forgot to put this message in the last but you should really look into some kind of Tv show or movie websites not sure what you’d have to do but I think your stories should definatly be given consideration because it really great..sorry for taking up your time get back to writing lol. 😉

    • christinlovell says:

      I would love to see them evolve into something on TV or on the big screen. I think every author writes with that ambition in the back of their mind. I’m certainly not opposed to any offers, but I won’t be proactively pursuing anything around it. Too many books to write still 🙂

  20. Regina says:

    The books are amazing. Cant wait for the 4th one. I would love to see the faces of all the characters. Wish they were films. You would definetly give Twilight some healthy competition.

    • christinlovell says:

      I’m writing it right now. I’m hoping it will be out sooner rather than later. I’ll update everyone with an exact release date as I get closer to the finish line though. 🙂

  21. Becky says:

    I’m so in love with your vamp’s and the amazing story line all three books hold I loved them so much i finshed all three books with in three days I can’t wait for dook number 4 And I just wanted to say thankyou for writing theses amazing book and hood luck on book number 4

      • Becky says:

        I also forgot tell you that you book is the first book that really hit home fineity a story of a girl that isn’t the skinny girl in school or the prettiest girl either its more real life and it gives heavyer set girls like me a smile and a realizeason that there r cool story’s like you books about people like heavyer set a failtail or story a bout a heavyer set girl and I just wanted to thankyou for that as well and good luck on book #4 I cant wait 🙂

      • christinlovell says:

        Thank you Becky! Big girls need love too! Just because a girl has a few extra pounds on her shouldn’t automatically disqualify her from experiencing her own version of Cinderella. I’m glad you were able to connect with that 🙂

  22. Lilli says:

    Ok I know I have already posted a commet but I would dealt like to know if your thinking about putting them in to movies because if you do it would so beat twilight

    • christinlovell says:

      I would love to see them in movies, but I’m not proactively pursuing it. If something comes along, I will jump on it though 🙂

  23. Crystal Eichelberger says:

    O.M.G. i sooo can’t wait for the fourth book comes out i wanted to know is kellan still with alexa or did he die … either way i really can’t wait thanx for the free grace period that every one has from twilight and the fact that you mention it in your books show that there is no compitition or force and that you support others in there work so all in all im saying thanx for the work and i will continue to forword to all the books that you write…..

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! Kellan is definitely still alive! You all would know if he wasn’t. You’d have a heart-breaking play by play. As for Twilight, I knew that my books would be compared to it, because every vamp book is these days. So I decided to embrace it. I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  24. Alyssa Plante says:

    Hi Christin,

    I have a few questions about Hit The Road Jack:

    1. Does Kellan actually die?
    2. What is Lexi’s son, vampire or vam

    • christinlovell says:

      Kellan didn’t die. I promise, if he did, you all would be given a play by play and made very (emotionally) aware that it happened. So he’s safe (for now.) 🙂
      Lexi and Kellan’s son will be human until he’s sixteen and undergoes the transformation, at which point he will be considered vampeen because Lexi is 25% vamp and Kellan is 75%; so he’s an even 50/50.

      • Alyssa :( says:

        And by the way even though I am only ten I may not have a boyfriend but my “friend” is sweet and all but I am crushing on 3 boys, Harris V useful jr and justin16. Harris is the cute one and useful isthe friend also I think Justin is my bf.Whenever I get picked on or called fat he says no no no you are nit fat.But he says what Mike and kellan say to lexi,they say it is just excess cuteness and adorableness and sexiness but he is mad I like kellsn but my friend/boyfriend is 200000000 times hotter with a 8-pack and a rocking bod.Ohhh here he is in my room with my dad having a camera that i pointed at yhe tv.My babe wants to tslk.” You make kellan die in book four.Or if he was real i would takw him head on.Ohhh and lexi isnt very nice to rip peoples heads off.”Alyssa is bavk,and useful is just jealous of jellan because he cares.

  25. Ciara Case says:

    I absolutely love your books. They were so addicting that I read them in about a week. You make the characters seem so real and hot. Every book I read I pictured everything that was happening. I congratulate you on your success and can’t wait for more. 🙂

  26. erykah says:

    Hey I have not read hit the road jack but judging from some of the comments did kellan and lexis have a baby boy? Just wondering. . .

  27. Molly says:

    I’m just curious because it totally threw me for a loop and I was completely confused, if you have 4 more books planned, why was there an epilogue that showed the future? And also, Kellan, Why wasn’t he in it? It just made me very very confused. Thanks!

    • christinlovell says:

      By the end of the series, the epilogue will be tied into everything. Given the lingering question of whether or not Kellan will survive, I didn’t want to give anything away. I wanted everyone go on the roller coaster ride with Lexi as she questions his fate too along the way. It doesn’t have as much impact if you already know what will happen 🙂

  28. autumn says:

    I have a question on the book at the end of the book shes reading the book to him and I want to know if Kellan (the sexiest boy in the book)is dead. Plus what is their son’s name?AND WHY WOULD YOU KILL KELLAN?Hes supposed to be sexy and live why not let Kai die he deserves it I mean he stole Lexi from Kellan for like ever.I mean I love the book alot I practically read it like 8 times but why kill Kellan he deserves to live he has a perfectly great way of suprising,and loving Lexi he also knows how to please her I just wanna know why you would kill him.(Sorry im very passionate about romance novels and who lives and who dies)

    • christinlovell says:

      Hi Autumn,
      Technically, he’s not dead yet, and may not even die. It’s a lingering question for myself and fans as to whether or not he’ll survive his “fated death.” For now, he is very much alive! I’m currently working on book 4 and he’s very prominent. I’m not revealing the name of Lexi and Kellan’s son until the time comes. If you can’t tell, I like surprises. Regardless of what happens to any of the characters, I promise to do the series and Lexi justice. One of the hardest parts of being an author is killing off a character, they’re like my extended family, but I also want to be realistic. And the reality is that not everyone survives war…
      Hope that helps a little bit at least. I love that you’re enjoying the books! 🙂

      • Makala says:

        I don’t want Kellan to die, but if u think about it, every “good author” (or as they call themselves) would kill him.
        Are Kellan and Lexi going to have more kids, because I think that little boy should have siblings (plus the impression I got was that Lexi wanted more than one) 🙂

      • christinlovell says:

        I think Lexi would like more than 1 too. Whether or not that will happen within the series I haven’t decided yet. I haven’t even decided whether Kellan will make it or not. I have 2 endings written for the series. I’m a pantser, so I usually go with the flow of the story, write as I go with only an illusion of the plot in my mind to go by. So you will be as surprised as I am with the ending 🙂

  29. Maria says:

    I absolutely luv ur books my friends literally have to beg me to stop reading for the reason being I am hooked with ur books. I am dying waiting for the 4 book to come out.

    • christinlovell says:

      I love it! So glad you’re enjoying them! Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long for book 4. I’m working on it right now 🙂

  30. Mariyah says:

    Omg!!!! Now that I have read the excerpt from the fourth book, I don’t think I can sleep… Christin, now you have me thinking about everything that happened so far…. and how I will be heartbroken if Kellan dies….. :’-( lol

    • christinlovell says:

      Sorry! Well, okay, so I lied, I’m not sorry. I love that you’re so wrapped up in Lexi and Kellan’s world! I do wish you a good night’s rest to keep from looking like a zombie in the morning though 🙂

  31. Maria says:

    I know everyone may ask u this like all the time but can u at least give an estimation of when the fourth book is going to be out

    • christinlovell says:

      I’m writing it right now, and can’t usually give an accurate date until closer to the end. I can say that it should be out within the next couple months for sure. I wish I could offer more, but don’t want to throw out a date and then not make it.

  32. SamAntha says:

    Oh please make a book about mels trams and the wedding and baby and Mel getting married plzzzzz I finish your books in a day but I read them over and over agin even thou I’m young I love the way the humer and fericniss comes threw

    • SamAntha says:

      At that ma’am how many r there going to be I think it sO great that I can read to get away from my boring old online school life I look for ward and omg kellan is so hot hehe I just got the 4 th today and just finished it a few minutes ago but when I’m sick I read these book and iv memorized almost the whole books please don’t be rushed perfection in a book take time I no and the ideas are never ending you make these book easy to read and to see what they ( kellan the bros auggy lex mel crege ( sorry i am not good with spellig the names) ( my apoligies) look like to you in your prilant gensue beautiful head of yours that you are greatness just waiting so spring like a jack in the bocks , and when LExie almost did that thing( no hints hehe) I cried for kellan I love your books and hope that this. Is a success for you I’ll be rooting for you

      • christinlovell says:

        Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and am so happy that you were able to picture and imagine the characters and motions exactly as I described. Everyone interprets things differently. The same line read by many can be understood in many ways, so thank you for getting me! More is coming in book 4 in the next couple months so you will be able to add one more to your pile of re-reads. (Those are the best. I have several books that I love to read over and over again. They’re a pleasure that I never tire of, with storylines that excite me every time.) 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      You will be thrilled to know that that’s coming 🙂 I’m working on book 4 right now and plan a total of 7 in the series, so you will absolutely be able to enjoy more of Lexi and Kellan as well as their friends and family 🙂

      • christinlovell says:

        All good things must come to an end… I’m not shutting the door. I will always be open to writing more, but only if it feels right. Glad you’ve enjoyed the books tho!

  33. ashmed86 says:

    if there is ever a movie i would love to play the part of keira!!!


    i say her because i think i am told old to play a 16 yr old…lol

    so if the movie thing ever works out please keep me in mind…lol

    • christinlovell says:

      lol I love it! I’m not sure how much control or input I would have in that aspect of things, but I would be sure to share opportunities with everyone so they could pursue them. 🙂

      • SamAntha says:

        Yes I do think sometime I kind of think tha lexi looks like my since I have honey brown eye tOo and kind of chestnut hair with a bit of red but I think it’s really cool to be able to be able to think of a person as a charector hehe

  34. caleb says:

    ha christensen iam back agian i have a qoustian nobodys asked will mel or criag die or hve children (oops two qoustians in one)lol !!!

    • christinlovell says:

      I haven’t figured that out yet. I’m a pantser, meaning I fly by the seat of my pants as I write. I have two endings written for the series and a few plot details along the way in my head, but surprisingly, nothing major regarding those two, aside from Mel’s transformation.

  35. JesseDobbs says:

    Oh my my my my
    I love my boyfriend a million times more for buying me this kindle fire, if not I would have never discovered your vamp series.
    Im also in the developing stages of writing my own book and it has been put on hiatus as I cant stop reading these books.
    Any chance ill be able to find these books at my local Barnes and Noble? Id like to own a copy, have the story closer and more tangible.
    Best of luck with the series, I will be reading a long with the masses.

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the series. And congrats on taking the initiative to write your own! I know it’s easy to get distracted, but don’t lose sight of your writing ambitions 🙂
      Unfortunately, right now, I don’t have a print copy available. The books are in the process of being edited, but once they are, I plan to make a print copy available 🙂

  36. Jordan says:

    Hi Christian !!!!!! My names Jordan and I just finished all the books of Diary of a vampeen and OMG those are the best books i’ve ever read in my WHOLE life!!! and to be truthful they were better than the Twilight series!!! Your characters were great 😉 and you never gave anything away I just hope theres a 4th book!!! Also, I hope Kellan doesn’t die that would be HORRIBLE!!!!! I would probly cry!!! SO I just have a question for you………… Would there be a 4th book?!?!?!?!?!!?!

    • christinlovell says:

      Hi Jordan,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the series so much! It’s a big compliment to be put above the Twilight series, so thank you! Given that, I’m thrilled to tell you that YES, there will be a fourth book! I’m writing it right now, and it should be available in the next couple months. As I get closer to the end, I will update everyone with an exact release date.
      I look forward to bringing you more 🙂

    • Bibiana says:

      OMG i would cry to!! if Kellan died actually to be honest i cried at the end of book 3 becuz i jumped to conclusions that he died (i always jump to conclusions way to soon hehehe).

      • christinlovell says:

        lol We’ve all experienced that at some point I think. It’s the human in us; we usually think the worst before the best in certain situations. He’s definitely alive and well in book 4 tho 🙂

  37. Domonique Hicks says:

    Wow so cant wait until book 4 wow soo totally awesome ur an awesome writer thx a million for writing such a wonderful series.. sorry hope not beeing anoying by leaving another comment lol…thx a million again..

    • christinlovell says:

      You’re definitely NOT being annoying! I love hearing from my readers. I’m thrilled that you’ve enjoyed the series 🙂

  38. Andrea says:

    I just finished “Hit the Road Jack” and am completely in love with all the characters. I am super excited for the third. I can’t wait… my patience is being tested. You describe everything perfectly and I was really able to connect with all the characters. I really don’t want to see Kellan die, I might cry, I mean, I will cry, more like a waterfall probably, but the way you ended the book did help me to accept his possible but unwanted fate. You are a great writer, and your work captivates me! Keep up the great work.
    Ps. I am also looking forward to Allure.

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! That means a lot to me. My heart jumps for joy every time a reader says they were able to connect to my characters, so thank you for that! And thank you for understanding about Kellan. I can promise it wouldn’t be in vain if something did happen to him.
      I’m looking for to Allure’s release too! 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you Maria! I loved them! I’m one of those people who does a new collage every year of her goals and attaches inspirational/motivational quotes to it. I also put them as a post-it note on my home screen on my computer. Thanks 🙂

  39. Jordan says:

    Ok so i kinda know this is random but Christaina i wanted to become a frensic scientist when i graduated but after reading your books i decided i would LOVE to become a writer instead !!!!!

    • christinlovell says:

      Yay! I love that! Even better, you can have the best of both worlds by writing about a main character who is a forensic scientist 😉

      • Alyssa says:

        Miss writer I am only ten and love your books.At school my friend is tired of me saying how kellan is a perfect boyfriend.
        I wish I were able to be a vampeen.I belive in vampires and werewolves.By the way I know what kellan and lexi did and I hope the kid has his parents powers.

  40. savannah says:

    Love the books cant wait for the 4th one. I cant decide if I like kellan or kai better they both sound sweet and hot! Oh and craige don’t even get me started on him hes austrailin what’s not hot about that?

    • christinlovell says:

      lol Amen! I have a soft spot for all my male characters. I don’t think I would mind ending up with any of them in reality 🙂

  41. savannah says:

    Some of my friend are begging me to stop reading they say they have never seen read before and they try to take my kindle away I get soooooo mad. I love ur books and will never stop reading them. I also cant wait to to see about gabi and jack.

  42. Tina Jean Berg says:

    I just finished book #1. And I am eager to read book #2. I thought that was it for books. So I was very excited to see that there is a #3 & soon a #4 all the way up to #7. Your book is the the 1’st book that I tested out my brand new Touch Kindle & I loved it so much I told my twin 14 yr. old nieces they need to read the series. They LOVE TO READ & I know they would love Lexi & her friends. Thank you so much … Christina Jean Berg

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you Christina. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed and especially recommended the series. I hope your nieces enjoy it 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      There will be more sneak peeks coming in the next couple weeks. As for a spin off, I’m not sure at this point. I’m not opposed to it, but am just focusing on this series right now 🙂

  43. savannah says:

    If u ever made a movie out of these books I would love to play mel or lex or even gabi. I’m going to be in a play on January 28 at my school I was made for acting. Oh and about the movie I wouldn’t mind being an extra also. Btw I’m 14

    • christinlovell says:

      Congratulations! That’s awesome about the play. I’m sure you will do well in your role. As for a movie, not sure if I would have that much input into casting, but I would certainly share who to contact for it 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      I have a general idea, a minimal layout for the series in my head already. As I’m writing book 4, I’m already plotting book 5 and little tie ins to go along 🙂

  44. Katrina says:

    So I was reading the comments, and I’m so glad that you verified Kellan is still alive at the end of book 3 ! ❤ I would die, if you killed him ); but aaaah, can't wait for book 4 (: I wish I had my own Kellan ❤

  45. Bella says:

    Do you think there will be a movie? Because, I love Kellan and Lexi’s relationship and I really want to SEE it happen. I LOVE the books sooooooo much.

    • christinlovell says:

      Not sure if there ever will be. I’m certainly open to it, but am no actively pursuing it. Thanks for the support of one though! 🙂

  46. keymone says:

    i have a question im dying to ask!in book 3 of the series diary of a vampeens sample on,kai said kellan has talked to dudes! does that mean that kellans gay?!i mean i love kellan i love him more than lexi even though the book is about her! i vision kellan looking like taylor laughtner too so that also keeps me going but,anyways,i would hate to see him gay!

    • christinlovell says:

      lol No, he most certainly is not gay. If you read the book, it will explain. Basically, Kellan does quite a bit while Lexi is sleeping, particularly making sure every male who even waves hello at her knows not to mess with her or they’ll have to deal with him.

  47. sonya says:

    When will book 4 be out? I’m so excited for it. I just finished book 3 and when I read the epilogue I thought this was it. I was bummed. So I got on your page here, and was so happy to see book 4! Great books. I read em every chance I get. Ill def. Be buying book 4 the day it arrives on kindle!

      • christinlovell says:

        lol It’s ok. I know I need to put it in a more central place. Until then, I’m happy to tell anyone who asks 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! Glad you’ve enjoyed them! Unfortunately, since I’m still in the writing phase, I don’t have an exact date of release for book 4 yet, but promise to let everyone know the moment I do 🙂

  48. Sam says:

    I absolutely love these books! I am so happy to hear that you are planning on having seven books in the series. I agree with everyone else that they beat Twilight. I cannot be more happy that I read these…I won’t want to read anything else for awhile! I hope we get to read about Meal’s transformation, the wedding (DEFINITELY THE WEDDING), and what happens between Alexa and Kellan. I can’t wait to read what their son looks like and what his name is. I actually cried for Kellan and Alexa when those trageties happened. I don’t think it could get any better but with you writing them I know I won’t be dissapointed!!! I wish you the best and that you don’t get writer’s block… 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! You will absolutely be reading about Mel and a wedding soon, though for who I won’t say 😉 I’m always thrilled when others get vested in my characters; it’s the best compliment a writer could ask for. Thank you for your confidence in me and for your support of this series! 🙂

  49. Sabrina says:

    Hello Christin,

    I no it might be boring to hear how i came to find your books but what the heck…
    For christmas, my mom gave the whole series of True Blood. She was tired of me reading Twilight. i read those books over and over. When my tio saw how much i read, he gave me money to get a kindle.

    When i got it the first thing i looked up was vampire books(my style). When i found Diary of a Vampeen, i fell in love. I got the two others and loved it more. I love how the climax just keeps getting higher and higher.

    My favorite characters are: Lexi, Kellan, Kai, Auggy, and Craig.
    Lexi: She always speaks her mind. I also really like that she real think for herself, everthing and everone before herself. Even though they went for them because of her.
    Kellan: He was mysterious and getting to no more was pretty cool, too. I feel sorry for that everything he does is for lexi but she hurts him alot. I can understand that no matter what she always goes back to him.
    Kai: He does evething for her too. I love his character always living in the moment until he meets lexi. He rethinks everything.
    Auggy: He makes me laugh. I might be crazy but i think the way he over powers most and uses that. I think he acts like that to see how they squirm. I laugh so hard to see someone like that.
    Craig: He all way breaks the tension. I love his acsent too(i want to go to Australia.)

    ~ Sabrina

    • christinlovell says:

      I love it! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m a huge paranormal fan; I devour the books just like you. And like you, I have my favorites. I absolutely love your uncle for giving you the money for a kindle. I want an uncle like that! As for the characters, as you can tell, they have diverse personalities that are strong, yet somehow work together… most of the time 😉
      Thanks again for telling me. I didn’t find it boring at all. I actually like hearing personal stories like that 🙂

  50. Raen A. Nielsen says:

    Amazing the forth has got to come out soon!!! and im like lexi before her vamp-out except instead of being over weight im super skinny to,soo i feel like her and with i was

    • christinlovell says:

      Regardless of whether you’re thick or thin, definitely love yourself for who you are, with or without perfection. There is no one in the world like you, and that makes you special. Never allow yourself to be defined by how others perceive you to be; allow your actions, the unspoken strength within you to shine through and represent the amazing person that you are. I love that you were able to relate to Lexi. Keep shining 🙂

  51. TARPEY says:

    Just thought i would leave a comment and say how amazing your books are!! I’m in university and am definitely not ashamed to say that I read the first 2 books in a day and the 3rd book in one afternoon!
    I literally could not put them down and recommend them to everyone!
    You just made my year so far when I read in one of the comments above that kellan is still alive!!
    I also think its great that an author takes the time to reply to all these comments! That’s true fan support so thank you:)

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed the series so far, and a HUGE thank you for sharing it with friends! I cherish every single reader, and my heart just swells when they fall in love with the characters. It never ceases to amaze me. Thank you so much for supporting me and the series 🙂

  52. ♥ Avid.Reader ♥ says:

    .Hello I have read all three books each in one day and I love them my complements to you they are the best vampire novel books I’ve read yet I love the plot line it gets better with each book the before second 4 comes out I’ll have bought it 🙂 and I hope your definitely writing 7 and even more. I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to read your books I love Lexi and Kellan and Kai’s love triangle it’s great stuff hope you have the chance to make more for a long time.
    -♥ Avid.Reader ♥

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! So glad you’re enjoying the series. I can say with conviction that, unless I’m struck dead somehow, there will absolutely be 7 books (or more) in the series, so you will definitely have more to read 🙂

  53. Eliza says:

    Hi I just want to say I love your vamp chronicles books! I think I just found a series better than twilight after finishing the second book! No offense to Stephanie Meyer of course. The characters are so interesting, there is a lot of action, drama and it’s intense. Keep up the awesome work!

    I can’t seem to find a copy of the third book in stores, only ebooks. Is it not available in canada?

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! That is a huge compliment! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series to that degree. Unfortunately the books are not available in print at the moment, only e-book format. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  54. Fallon says:

    I think this book series is better than twilight series.The series is a can’t miss series. It jaw dropping , eye opener . A series you want to read until the last book! I can’t wait to read the fourth book! And The vamp dude is hot! Please write more! You make reading vampires books series more interesting , cool and entertaining . Way better than all the other vampires series out there!

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you so much! I’m sort of doing a little happy dance in my seat by your comment. You’ve just blown me away. Every writer hopes that readers will enjoy their books, as you’ve written, but I’m overjoyed to learn that I achieved all that with you. Thank you! I can’t wait to bring you more 🙂

  55. Deminica says:

    I must admit I wasn’t gonna read Vampeen because the summary didn’t catch me but when I seen it was free and my friend suggested I read it I did all I can say say is “thank you!” It has been along time since I have been able to find a book that has made me fall.into the pages every chance I get. I must add this book into my favorite book catagory and only the Harry potter and Twilight books reside in that section! I can not wait to for the rest of the books. My mind is driving me crazy being a paranormal romance writer myself I catch myself picturing the out come.for book and it drives me crazy because I have no clue what to expect.and my imagination keeps running wildi the only way to ease it is by rereading g the. books! Thank you for being such an inspiration to Ny imagination and for keeping me on edge. You truly of the treats!

      • christinlovell says:

        No problem. That’s one of the reasons I have an aversion to touch screen phones. lol I’ve been threatened more than once that my blackberry was going to be replaced by an android touch screen smartphone in my sleep. (Not funny.) I do love those websites that post all the auto-correct text messages from popular touch screen phones though 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you gave the book a chance, and what a compliment to be among those two authors on your favorites list! Such an honor. I’m thrilled to have been able to inspire you like so many have inspired me along the way. Definitely keep writing! I’m a huge paranormal romance fan 🙂

  56. Jenny says:

    I feel as if this series has a similar ending to “Twilight” as of “Hit the road Jack”. My suggestions would to add more drama to the series, like something happening that causes Mel to not transform to a vampeen. Or Kellan dying, I hope you consider these ideas. And if you can tell me the approximate date of the release for book 4 I would be happy.

    • christinlovell says:

      Unfortunately, I don’t have an exact release date to provide as of yet since I’m still in the writing phase. I promise to provide one once I get closer to the end though 🙂

  57. Jenny says:

    I feel as if this series have a similar ending to “Twilight” as of “Hit the road Jack”. My suggestion would be to add a little more drama, like something happens and causes Mel to not transform, or Kellan dying. I would like to know the approximate date for the release of Book 4.

  58. Nikki says:

    Just found out there are seven books in this series!! I can truly say I do not like reading and I never have. One of my friends said they starting reading your first book and I needed to read it. In three days I managed to read all three and still had school in the middle of it all. I couldn’t put the book down! I’m looking forward to reading the rest of your series. Keep up the good work:) Thanks:)

    • christinlovell says:

      Wow! I hope you slipped a few hours of sleep in those 3 days somewhere! But thank you soo much for your dedication to finishing them. I’m glad you enjoyed them 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      Unfortunately I don’t have an exact release date since I’m still working on book 4, but as I get closer to the finish line, I promise to provide one 🙂

  59. Amanda Mahoney says:

    I LOVE your books. I read all three in just one week, and i am like a relax and enjoy reader. But I just couldn’t stop reading them. I CAN NOT WAIT for the fourth!!! Also are there going to be more books like the Vamp Chronicles? I LOVE YOUR WRITING!

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you love the series so far. As of right now, I’ve planned 7 books in the series, and though I’m working on another YA series, it’s nothing like the Vamp Chronicles. I’m certainly not opposed to creating something similar to compliment the series in the future though 🙂

  60. Madi F says:

    Just wondering where I can get your books other than iBooks for my iPod or something like that. So please email me back, and if you have time, please visit my website! I write story’s too.

  61. Katie Davies says:

    I absolutely love the Vamp books! Please keep adding to the series and maybe even go to Mel’s view because that would be awesome!!! I’m a big fan and they are way better then twilight. Keep writing!

  62. Christine says:

    I just finished reading “hit the road jack” and can’t wait for the next book to come out. Your characters are really great. Throughout the series I have related alot with Lexi. Just like Lexi I have been picked on, called names, and I’m alittle over weight. I also just finished getting away from a guy that was alot like Mike. Well anyway your series Is great and I can’t wait for the next book to come out…..

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you, and a BIG congratulations to you for leaving that guy! That takes guts, courage that only the strongest in our society can summon. You should be proud of yourself! I know I am. I’m glad you were able to relate to Lexi in all this. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone, and I can promise you, you’re not. Regardless of your weight, your outward appearance, love yourself for who you are. You’ve already recognized that you deserve the best by walking away from the worst. Keep your chin, it’s attached to your self-esteem 🙂

  63. Amanda says:

    Hello, I love your books and your writing. I want to know what is the date the 4th book coming out. You have a way of saying the details that i really like. And i am not a big book person and and i have read the tree books in like 1 week. LOL (:

    • christinlovell says:

      I love it! I’m so excited to have peaked your interest in books, even it’s only my own. You should definitely keep reading! Hopefully I can have book 4 out soon for you 🙂

      • Amanda says:

        😀 Thanks. So you are planning to have 9 books.. Have you started to write the others yet. Also any suggestions on books i should read??

      • christinlovell says:

        Sorry for the confusion. I’ve actually planned a total of 7 books for the series. I’m in the middle of writing book 4 right now. As for recommendations, it depends on the genre you like to read. My favorite paranormal series is The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. 🙂

  64. Jayna says:

    wow your books are great i was hook from book one and cant wait to see what happens. thank you for writing this book i read when i need to get away from real live so thank you for writing this books again.

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you for reading them! I’ve always believed books were the perfect escape from reality. They’re the cheapest vacation and best form of relaxation. Glad I could provide that to you 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      I’m still writing it at the moment so I can’t say for sure. I can tell you that it will be within the next 2 months though 🙂

  65. JenJen says:

    OMG I got your third book the other day, finished it, then went back to the first and re-read them all! I am absolutely in love with the whole story and can’t wait for the 4th book to be out. The excerpt you put up makes me want to read the next book asap!! I know you can’t rush it, but I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with all the characters and will be checking periodically both here and amazon in the next few months!!
    Thank you so much for writing these books. I think I may go back to the beginning and re-read them all again!!

    • christinlovell says:

      I love that you’ve enjoyed them enough to re-read them! That’s a big compliment, thank you! I’m hoping to have book 4 out soon. I’ll be updating everyone with an exact release date hopefully in the next month 🙂

  66. Makala says:

    Do we get “details” on Gabi’s wedding, do we get to see Lexi’s wedding, and will Mel married to Craig-if so, do we get to hear about it or see it?

    • christinlovell says:

      The details of Gabi’s wedding, no. Lexi’s, of course… if she has one I would include all the components of her special day. The fate of Mel and Craig isn’t solid at this point, but if they do make it to the alter, then yes, I will probably provide details 🙂

  67. Savannah says:

    I seriously can’t wait till the book is published I read all of the others and can’t wait for more. The third books ending was…. Alluring and captivating

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      Thank you! So glad you liked the ending, and, most importantly, understood it. It was meant to capture your attention and continue to lure you into the deep rooted question of Kellan’s fate. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too much longer for book 4 🙂

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    Anywho, we’re huge fans of the series! Can’t wait for number four! ❤

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I’m so glad you and your mom are both enjoying the series! And you never know! I actually have two endings written for the series, so I don’t even know who’s going to win in the end. I have a soft spot for both men and picking one is too much like picking your favorite child. I guess we’ll see who my favorite is at the end of the series 😉

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    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! So glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far and I hope to continue to deliver excellence with each new release 🙂

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      Wow. Thank you! That’s a huge compliment. I’m beyond words to have surpassed Twilight in your eyes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! So glad you’re both reading and enjoying them! I would love to see them turned into movies! You never know what the future holds 😉

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    • christinlovell says:

      There is absolutely going to be more 🙂 I’m a plus size woman and believe there needs to be many more curvy heroines represented in the romance / paranormal romance community, especially since we are slowly becoming a majority group. Glad you enjoyed Curvosity 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I’m still writing book 4, but will be letting everyone know an exact release date in February. Glad you’re enjoying the books 🙂

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    • christinlovell says:

      Nope. Kellan is still very alive at the moment! Glad you’re enjoying the books. I love Craig’s (inadvertent) humor 🙂

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    Where’s that vamp speed when you need it?

    • christinlovell says:

      lol Yes! I would get so much more accomplished with vamp speed. Perhaps my fingers could keep up with the scenes pouring from my head when I write. I can’t tell you how many times I have to short hand just to not lose something and then go back and type in the fillers to complete the scene! On the up side, the books are still released much quicker than through a traditional publisher, which is nice 🙂
      Thanks for reading the books. Love that you’ve enjoyed them 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      I’m writing book 4 right now, but plan to set a release date for it soon. I’ll be posting it in Feb. Glad you’re enjoying the books! 🙂

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      Thank you! Love that you’ve enjoyed them so far! I’m writing book 4 at the moment, but will be announcing a release date soon 🙂

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    • christinlovell says:

      It was moreso because of his assumed fate. If he was to die for any reason, despite his distaste for the vamp, he knew Kai was the best person to take his place. He knows Kai loves Lexi the same as he does. Basically, this was Kellan’s way of making sure Lexi was loved, cared for and protected even after he dies. If he isn’t able to escape fate that is…

    • christinlovell says:

      Wow! Now that’s dedication, and hopefully pleasureful. I have a hand full of books that I could read over and over again. I know the plot, know what’s going to happen, but still get so much pleasure and enjoyment from reading them over and over again. Surprisingly, I tend to find something new, or something didn’t sink in or I possibly missed the first thousand times. lol Glad I could offer you something similar 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      I’m working on the book right now. I will be traveling quite a bit in February, so it depends on how much writing I’m able to squeeze in while I’m there. If all goes well, then I’ll be looking at a release date in the end of February or early March 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      To be honest, I’m not sure since everything is a bit scattered around. I haven’t started piecing things together yet, which is also why I’m waiting to announce an official release date.

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    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I’m going through my e-mails now, and actually just happened to finish responding to yours. Check your e-mail 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      Definitely no writer’s block! I actually have the opposite issue. I have so many stories and ideas and not enough time! Sometimes I really wish we didn’t have to sleep. lol I do have the goal of getting book 4 out earlier rather than later though 🙂

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    Thank-you and just to let you know i love this series and it my favourite aswell. Keep up the good work!!!!

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    i just made a blog on recomendations for books and i was just wonering if it was ok if i could recomened your books. i would also like to put the blurb of the book and the cover pictures if thats ok.
    ps love ur books

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    • christinlovell says:

      Yay! Thank you! So glad you enjoyed the books. I would love to see them made into movies. If the offer comes along, I would definitely sign on the dotted line 🙂

  84. Vivian Adams says:

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      • Mayra says:

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      • christinlovell says:

        Thank you! Recommendations from friends are invaluable and I really appreciate it! And a good love triangle always adds a bit of spice to a story 😉

    • christinlovell says:

      I’m out of the country right now, but once I return later this week, I plan to take a look at what I have so far and determine a release date. So, by the end of next week, I should have a release date for everyone 🙂

  86. Ellie Isom says:

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    • christinlovell says:

      If it makes you feel any better, I do the exact same thing with series books. I’ve tried to slow down, but I can’t. So what I do now is I escape to somewhere quiet with an iced coffee and something to munch on when scenes get intense. Basically I make the most of my time reading the book; make it as pleasurable as possible. Granted, I’ll be sad when I read the last page, probably even a little angry that more isn’t out already, but at least I can say it was an enjoyable couple hours. It’s an indulgence I do only with those types of books. Making those hours so decadent, like a rich chocolate cake, I only allow myself to indulge with those books, which sadly are few and far between these days…

  87. kellan's HOT!!!! says:

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    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! So glad you’ve enjoyed them. Kellan is very sexy 😀 hehe I absolutely plan to keep writing though, and book 4 will be coming out in March, so you don’t have much longer to hold out for more of Kellan 😉

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    • christinlovell says:

      Book 4 is set for release on March 18, 2012. No movie deals yet, but I’m happy focusing on the books for now. I love that you’re enjoying them. Thank you!

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    • christinlovell says:

      It will be. I’m sorry for the delay. It’s actually on my list of things to do. I had some formatting issues. For now though, you could always purchase it on Smashwords ( for your Kobo. Sorry!

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    • christinlovell says:

      I love it! lol Thank you so much! Hopefully the house didn’t turn to chaos with you pre-occupied those 3 days, but I’m so glad you had a great “escape” with the books 🙂

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    • jenna says:

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    • christinlovell says:

      Yay! I’m excited for book 4 as well. As of right now I don’t have any plans for more than 7 books, but you never know. Nothing is ever concrete.

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! So glad you’re enjoying them! Book 4 is coming… but all good things come to an end at some point. Let’s just hope it’s a happy ending 🙂

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    • christinlovell says:

      That’s wonderful! Thank you! I haven’t chosen the cover art for book 4 yet, but it’s on my list of to-do’s, especially since book 4 has a release date of March 18, 2012 🙂

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      What would Lexi do?
      What would Kellan do?
      What would Kai do?
      How would Mel react?

      I love this series!!!

    • christinlovell says:

      Wow! That’s amazing! Thank you so much! I hope you got an A+ on your book report! I hope your class mates enjoy the book just as much. You’ve totally blown me away with that. Thank you again. I really appreciate it! Keep reading! 🙂

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      Thank you so much for reading them! So glad you enjoyed them, and also that you didn’t get in trouble in class. Can’t wait to bring you all book 4 soon 🙂

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    • christinlovell says:

      That is awesome! Thank you! I love that you’re reading now! It’s my favorite pastime. And I’m so glad you and your best friend have enjoyed the series so far. Book 4 is coming March 18th, 2012, but keep reading some other stuff between now and then. A good book never hurt anyone 😉

  99. Sapphire chick says:

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    • christinlovell says:

      lol Sometimes, people do things that make you scratch your head. It’s those little quirks that add a new layer to the person, shows that there’s more that has yet to be revealed about them. As for Lexi, there will definitely be more of an explanation in book 4. She’s analytical, and just as there was an explanation about vamps in book 1, there will be an explanation for her sudden “glow” in book 4. Your question will have an answer on March 18, 2012 🙂

    • Bibiana says:

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      • christinlovell says:

        LOL I’ve never heard it be described like that! Altho, I did see your correction above, so it makes more sense now 😉

  100. Mayra says:

    So the 4th book is coming out March 18th!. that’s going to be my 19th birthday! Came wait for it. I will definitely be buying it.

    • christinlovell says:

      Honestly, I’m cutting it close already since it will be at least a week with the editor and another day or two for me to complete the edits so it’s not likely. But, of course, if it is finished sooner, it will be available sooner 🙂

  101. Ciara says:

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    P.S.: I’ll count the book as a late birthday present but with equal care and happiness as if it were on my actual birthday.

    • christinlovell says:

      Awesome! I’m finding there are quite a few of you with March birthdays. I think it’s going to be a great month 🙂

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    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I felt like a laugh-out-loud humorous character was needed, especially given all the tension in their adventures. Also, Kellan is serious most of the time, and from what I’ve observed, our best friends tend to bring out the best in us. They push us when we need to be pushed and pull out the best in us. I feel like Craig does that with Kellan. As for Craig’s nationality, could you really picture him saying the things he says with an American accent? lol
      I would love to see the books be made into movies, particularly see Craig come alive on screen, but until someone comes along and offers me that deal, I’m satisfied writing the series 🙂

  107. Trisha Kay Pope says:

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    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books. Unfortunately though, I can’t/won’t reveal anything regarding the end of the series until it’s time. I can promise I will do the series justice 🙂

  109. Tiffany says:

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    Thank you

    • christinlovell says:

      Unfortunately I will be working on the book right up until the last second, so it won’t be available for pre-order. Sorry!

  111. Kyeira says:

    I have a few questions. In the first book you said Kellans fathers name was spelled Alessandro instead of Alejandro and why does Kellan think Lexi loves Kai?

    • christinlovell says:

      That was a typo thanks to auto-correct. It kept changing Alessandro to Alejandro. After a while I just changed it permanently to Alejandro as to not continually fight Microsoft Word. I’m in the process of editing the first two books, and that is something that will be corrected. Thanks for sharing though! 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      It’s available. It’s just in a different category. If you search by my name then it should appear. Sorry for the trouble!

    • christinlovell says:

      Yay! Book 4 does touch on Kellan and Lexi’s insecurities. I think it would do a better job of answering your question 🙂

  112. Indira says:

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    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I would love to take them to that level. I’m focusing on writing the series right now, but the door is always open if someone approaches me about it 🙂

  114. Chloe says:

    Omg I just read the first one I knw I’m really late but it was so good I love it so much I’m usually not into love stories but this is great do you think they wud make it a movie???

    • christinlovell says:

      I would love to see them made into a movie. Fingers crossed that it will come some day, but for now, I’m content writing the series 🙂

      • Chloe says:

        Yeah that sounds good so is hard to become a writer because I’m currently writing a book and I would like to see if it’s even worth continuing would you be able to help me if possible???

    • Sunni says:

      I would be kind of scared if it was a movie.. cause they couldnt capture the true characters! (And Kellans sexiness!!!<3)
      ~Kellan and Alexa forever~<3<3<3<3

  115. Lisa says:

    Hey. I just discovered the first book and it was so good but I can’t find the second or third one. 😦 Can someone please tell the a little about what goes on in them cause I can’t find them anywhere at all.

    • christinlovell says:

      Where have you searched for them? They are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes/iBookstore as well as Smashwords and a few other places. I’m hoping you’ve been able to find them…

  116. autumn says:

    hi im sure i will absolutely sure i will die reading ur next book i love ur books and it just makes me feel envious to lexi because she gets the best guy in the world and her bf is amazing so again i want to say thank u for writing these books

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    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! Book 4, Vamp Versus Vamp, is set for release on March 18th. As for the series total, I’m definitely keeping an open mind. If I feel more than 7 books are needed, then I’ll continue 🙂

    • christinlovell says:

      I know! I was just talking to my grandma about that! Sunday it was cool and I needed long sleeves. Yesterday and today I’m sweating my butt off in the heat and humidity. Ugh! I hate it! I was robbed of a solid winter and I want it! lol

  118. Kelly says:

    Uggh………. counting the days, actually made a paper chain….. watching the teacher with my mind on #4 , just hope it wont be sold out for kindle!!!!! 🙂

      • Kelly says:

        Sorry, just assumed. Oh and, your kids might like to read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter.

      • Kelly says:

        I actually read them myself, I am on the second series. It is called The New Prophecy. I am on Starlight.

    • Bibiana says:

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      • Mariyah says:

        Oh THANK YOU!!!!! For checking lol …. that definately calmed my nerves… I hope all is going well on book four and I’m very excited!!!!!! 😀

  120. autumn says:

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  121. I love books says:

    Ahhh!!!! The cover is here 😀 I actually love your books 🙂 your such an amazing writer 🙂 will vamp verses vamp be on iBooks?? Could you let me know how much it is??? Can’t wait to read it 😀

    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! It will be on iBooks the same day; no delay this time. It will be the same price as the last, $2.99 🙂

      • christinlovell says:

        That’s a good question. I usually just type in the US price and have the distributor automatically calculate the equivalent in Euros to charge. The USD price will be $2.99, so whatever the Euro price equivalent is, that will be the charge. I hope that made sense and helps.

  122. Kelly says:

    Love the new cover! Can’t wait! Hey, um… maybie Led should get a travle buddy, like dog cat bird ferret I k.ow she has been traveling a lot, but maybe she could keep a pet in her purse.

    • christinlovell says:

      Book 4 will be uploaded to iBookstore / iTunes the same day as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I know they have been lagging in their quality assurance checks, but hopefully it won’t take to long to be made available upon completion.

    • christinlovell says:

      Wow! Thank you! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the series so far! I’m still working on book 4 at the moment, but promise to let everyone know once it’s been sent off to the editor. A solid release date is generally about a week from then 🙂

  123. Hannah :) says:

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    • christinlovell says:

      Thank you! I wrote this series because I was struggling to relate to any other vamp character/story line out there. I wanted a relate-able character who started out human, full of emotion and insecurity, so I could connect with her early on. Once the connection was solidly forged, I knew I could venture off the beaten path into the paranormal aspect of things, but I still aim to intertwine applicable life lessons, understandable emotions and raw reflection that allows the relationship between the reader and the character(s) to continue to deepen. Hopefully I’ve achieved that 🙂

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      Err… or maybe a bit longer. Sorry! I’m diligently working on book 4. I promise to let everyone know once it’s sent to the editor. A solid release date will be about a week from then.

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    • christinlovell says:

      lol This is quite an odd request, but a fun one that I’m turning into something more. (Details soon.) As for book 4, I’m still working on it, but promise to let everyone know once it’s sent to my editor.

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      Awesome! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the books! Don’t do too much damage at the end of the series. Luckily, you have 4 more books to go, which is plenty of time to add needed fortitude to your walls 😉

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    christinlovell said:

    February 29, 2012 at 10:19 pm

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    • Lejla Hodzic says:

      hi I might not be the author but I can answer a couple of your questions 😉

      1. I heard she was sick and feeling a little tired she tried finishing the book but took a little break to be back to normal and healthier.

      2. around 4 dollars maybe 3

      3. He is alive I asked her that too and she said he will be alive for many more books to come

      4. Yes Mel is going to be transformed

      I really hope this helped answer your questions 😉

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