I’ve gotten a lot of requests over the years for the original versions of the Vamp Chronicles series to be re-published or for readers to be able to buy them directly from me. This is a series that has a lot of meaning to me, as it was the series that turned me into an author, however, I have grown so much as a writer since I began publishing these 10 years ago. Admittedly, I cringe hardcore, as my inexperience shows a lot in these titles. While I’m aware that I’ve matured and my writing has progressed exponentially, it’s not lost on me that people still enjoy these books. That is reassuring in some ways, as it tells me that, even with the writing/grammatical atrocities, the storyline was strong enough to capture people, which is both flattering and humbling. It’s made me appreciate the series all the more, given that it has actually been 10 years, a full decade (!), since the first book released.

What does all of this mean? It means that I’m uncomfortable with the books as they are, however, given the number of requests, I am posting them here (completely unedited and in their rawest, last-published form) for anyone to download and read for free while I continue to work on re-writing the series. Because I am re-writing this series. It deserves the talent I have today. Plus, there are certain pieces of the story that no longer feel right to me. My voice has changed as I’ve changed and evolved over the years. And it’s important to me that Lexi’s lessons and message reflect those changes. I hope that you all will read and support the re-written series when it releases, but even if you don’t, I truly appreciate all of you who have loved and supported Lexi from the beginning. The fact that I still get messages a decade later speaks volumes and has had a greater impact on me than you may ever know.

Thank you to each and every one of you! Enjoy!
– Christin

One thought on “VAMP CHRONICLES

  1. Jennifer says:

    I am so glad that you are working on re writing the vampeen series! I have followed you since the beginning and have followed how your life’s been changing. You will and will forever be my favorite writer! I love this series and can’t wait until the new one comes out. You are a strong mother and writer! Love you,

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