Snowy Mountain Wolves

18 & Older ONLY.

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The Snowy Mountain Wolves is an erotic paranormal romance series featuring a sexy werewolf alpha and beta wooing their mate. The first title is an f/f and the second one is an f/f/m.


Slide1HERS (BBW f/f Erotic Romance)
Book 1 of Snowy Mountain Wolves

Plus size Kate is on the run from a one-date-turned-one-year stalking terror…until her car breaks down in Snowy Mountain, South Carolina.

Sassy Ellie May gave up on finding her mate a while ago, settling on being the third wheel in her alpha’s sexual escapades. Scenting her mate changes everything, including what she’s willing to share.

Meeting Kate, Ellie is certain of two things going in: her mate is straight as a doornail and full of secrets. The largest secret comes from neither of them though.

Warning to Reader: This book contains bed rocking content and a cliffhanger. Book 2, Theirs, is Available Now.

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Slide1THEIRS (BBW f/f/m Paranormal Romance)
Book 2 of Snowy Mountain Wolves

Ellie had been on the brink of fully claiming her curvy mate when her alpha best friend, Jerry, dropped a bombshell on them all: Kate was his mate too.

Werewolves are territorial. Tempers flare, jealousy ignites and tensions rise. They both want the same thing, minus the sharing part. Will they be able to put their feelings aside to do what’s best for their mate? After all, Mother Nature doesn’t make mistakes.

Kate had just begun to accept that she enjoyed being with a woman, namely Ellie, when Jerry turned all she thought she wanted on its head. It doesn’t take her long to figure out what is right: she needs both Ellie and Jerry in her life.

But then the unthinkable happens.

Kate’s past and present collide in a bang, leaving lives on the line. Suddenly the little things don’t matter. But did they realize too late what’s truly important? Or is Fate not as cruel as we often believe her to be?

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15 thoughts on “Snowy Mountain Wolves

  1. Jennifer Byers says:

    When will the next book in this series be coming out, as well when will more books in any of your werewolf series’ be coming out? Love all of the wolves!

    • christinlovell says:

      lol Who can resist a good werewolf story, right?! I am sorry that it took longer than expected to release. The story ended up being longer than I expected. It is available now though. I hope you enjoy it!
      As for other wolf books, more will be coming, but probably not until later in spring.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Christin loved all your wolf books, but I am wondering when/ if you will be putting out more any of the series with wolves?

  3. Divizna says:

    Hello, I love the story Hers. Wanted to buy the sequel on All Romance, but it disappeared. Why? Where can I get it? Thank you for reply!

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