Military Quickies

A Military BBW Contemporary Erotic Romance Series.


18 & Older ONLY.

The below titles are all included in Kindle Unlimited and may be borrowed for free via the program. Titles are listed in order of release, starting with the oldest or first in series.

As a note: Titles may be borrowed and later purchased, but never purchased and then borrowed. If you are ever uncertain about a title, I would suggest you borrow it first, and then purchase it if you enjoyed it.


Military Quickies is a BBW military erotic romance series that averages 20k words or less per title. Each book features a new married couple with the BBW and military themes remaining. The sexy pairs prove that variety is the spice of life, and the way to keep the spark alive.



Military Quickies
Book 1

One extra curvy woman.
Two extra sexy soldiers.
Seven months of waiting.

Savannah Sullivan kissed her men good-bye seven long months ago. They’d missed the holidays and her birthday, which meant they had a lot of making up to do.

Ben and Brody Sullivan returned from deployment ready to make up for lost time. But a lot can happen in seven months, and one of them comes home with scars and a secret.

Every military wife knows what she’s signing up for, but signing on the dotted line and facing the reality of it are two totally different things.

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Military Quickies
Book 2

One extra curvy author.
One extra ripped Marine.
Four years of marriage.
One day of passion.

Logan Wilde is a moderately successful mystery thriller author, a military wife, and a well-loved curvy girl.

Sergeant Russell Wilde, aka Rage, doesn’t do soft or sensual. He’s a hard man, a hard soldier, and a hard lover. He doesn’t share and he doesn’t believe in mercy, but he does believe a real man puts his woman first. Always.

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Military Quickies
Book 3

One extra curvy blogger.
One extra feisty Army Ranger.
One chance at redemption.

Catherine Celli is a military wife, an Army-spouse-lifestyle blogger, and a full-figured woman whose world comes crashing down when it’s announced that her husband is MIA. She’s forced to do the only thing she can: cling to hope.

Master Sergeant Ronaldo Celli is one hell of a soldier, one hell of a fighter. He never gives up on making it home to his wife. But when he finally returns, neither of them is the same.

For weeks, all they had was hope. Now that they have each other again, they find that hope is still required, because all wounds need time to heal.

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