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The below titles are all included in Kindle Unlimited and may be borrowed for free via the program. Titles are listed in order of release, starting with the most current.

As a note: Titles may be borrowed and later purchased, but never purchased and then borrowed. If you are ever uncertain about a title, I would suggest you borrow it first, and then purchase it if you enjoyed it.


Slide1HER FIRST (BBW f/f Erotic Romance)

Extra curvy Norah doesn’t identify as anything other than straight, but she can’t seem to shake her mounting attraction for a woman who is the total opposite of her in every way.

Sissy is sassy, outspoken and persistent. She knows what she wants, and she wants Norah. There is something about the plus size beauty that she just can’t shake, and it has her willing to do something she’s never done: wait.

Then, one night, fate steps in.

But one night is just one night, and both women will have to decide if one night is enough.

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A WERE, A BEAR AND MISTLETOE (BBW Paranormal Holiday Romance)

Curvy Ember is not having a good Christmas. She was jolted awake by her brother, whisked off into the woods – against her will – to a secluded cabin, and then locked inside…by her own flesh and blood.

On the other side of that door, trapped with her, is her true mate, a werebear named Mack. He’s sexy, arrogant, and hates fat women, which means they could never work. Ember knows that, but darn if Mother Nature will let her turn off her attraction to the handsome grizzly. She’s drawn to him like a moth to a flame, even when she doesn’t want to be.

The holidays have always been a time for magic and miracles, though, and this Christmas, the sparks will fly, the claws will come out and the truth will be revealed. After all, Mother Nature never gets it wrong.

Warning: This title contains a feisty werewolf with plenty of excess sexiness, a smoking hot werebear who could charm the panties off of any granny, lots of sass, lots of banter, lots of growling; oh, and lots of flaming hot sexy scenes.

Please Note: Author assumes no responsibility for any e-reader damage.

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Slide1VIXEN (BBW Vampire Romance)

Plus size Jessickah Banderkoff is a bartender by day, a guardian to the Underworld’s Kingdom by evening, and the vampire king’s lover by night, but every good thing must come to an end, right?

Vixen is a BBW vampire romance featuring Jessickah, an extra, extra curvy human gal who kicks the rear assets of paranormal creatures. She’s sassy, confident, and lives a very interesting life. Not to mention, she shags a super sexy vampire who can do things in the bedroom human males definitely cannot. (If you want to know what his delicious, erotic skills are, pick up your copy today.) She’s beautiful, brave and brash. She makes no apologies, and neither does the vampire king. But someone always has to compromise, right?

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10700479_1494057257520558_8545075318290677307_oSecret Lives Anthology6 Sexy Stories of Supernatural Secrets

VIXEN (BBW Vampire Romance)

Plus size Jessickah Banderkoff is a bartender by day, a guardian to the Underworld’s Kingdom by evening, and the vampire king’s lover by night, but every good thing must come to an end, right?

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Plus size Aeren Haverwood is pushing thirty, yet she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. She’s still figuring it all out. The only thing she’s certain of is that she loves the man who’s been her inconsistent constant the last five years of her life.

Since the day Rahmi Çevik met Aeren, he’s made it his mission to protect her from the truth that haunts him. Sometimes, though, the best of intentions aren’t enough to keep your loved ones safe; he knew that first hand long before he met Ari. When he discovers his past came looking for him through his present, he realizes the wall he’d put between he and Ari to safe guard her had been useless all along, and his secrets were the very thing keeping her in harms way. It was time he told Ari the truth: that he loves her, that he’s been living a double life, and that he’s a murderer.

Ari never expected to be driven from her home, she never expected to be shot at, and she never expected the man she’d welcomed into her home to have a dangerous side she’d never seen. And therein laid the problem. The Ram she knew was a world away from the man confessing his sins to her.

Will Ari be able to look past Ram’s transgressions? What do you do when your heart belongs to a man you never truly knew?

Lives and hearts are at stake in the newest title from USA Today Bestselling author, Christin Lovell.

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STARS AND SPARKS (BBW Interracial Holiday Romance)
A Red Hot & Boom Story

Plus size journalist Shae Roberts was used to the fast pace of city life, dressing to the nine everywhere she went, and having more than one coffee shop to choose from. When the Atlanta-based newspaper she worked for cut their staff in half, she was forced to branch out. Four months later, she landed in Bear Valley, a small town a hundred-and-twenty-seven miles from familiar.

Barry “Bear” Jacobs has just returned from his final tour after six years in the Marines. He’s ready to move on, but finds his sleepy hometown hasn’t changed nearly as much as he has. With his military career now in the past, he has some hard decisions to make. He’s seen what the world has to offer, and it’s far more than he believes the familiar of home can…until he bumps into a certain sassy, overdressed reporter.

Two people in transition are attempting to find their new place in this world, but, sometimes, it’s not about finding a place, it’s about finding a person, and there’s nothing but stars and sparks between these two.

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Slide1CULINARY DELIGHT (BBW Interracial Romance)

Plus size Molly discovers her job is in jeopardy the same day her best friend, Rachel, talks her into eating at a new Puerto Rican restaurant. Turns out, the restaurant is failing already and the reason why comes storming out of the kitchen and into her life. He’s tall, dark, dreamy, and the most infuriating man she’s ever met. He pushes her buttons and is soon pushing her to her limits. There’s just something in those fiery brown eyes that keep her abundant curves wound tight and begging for release.

Can she let go of history and surrender to this sizzling alpha male, or will she leave with regrets? One thing is for certain: the night doesn’t go as any of them expect.

This is a HFN short with one sassy full figured gal, one deliciously dominant Puerto Rican and lots of culinary delight.

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Slide1FALLING FOR CUPID (BBW Holiday Romance)
A Red Hot Valentine Story

Cupid Valentine, a.k.a. Coop, is the worst divorce attorney in the entire Southeast. Ninety-eight percent of his clients reconcile before the gavel hits the block. He’s dedicated his life to love; yet he’s never experienced it for himself…until Daisy.

Plus size Daisy and her best friend, Brad, made a pact when they were younger: if they weren’t married by thirty, they’d marry each other. Two years later, they’ve learned that love has many forms, and a passionate love is needed to have a fulfilling relationship.

The pair confounds Coop. His job has always been to repair relationships, but what happens when he suddenly finds himself rooting for the opposite of all he stands for? He does what any smart Cupid would do and flies away. But you can only escape Cupid’s arrow for so long, even if you happen to be Cupid.

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Two Times the Charm

TWO TIMES THE CHARM (BBW Menage Paranormal Romance)
Mary’s Menage Award Nominee 2014!

Max is a broken woman with secrets drowned in a rough past. She’s looking to start over in a new town several states away. Never did she expect her past to follow her. Neither did she expect to find not one, but two men, anxious to love her.

But they have a secret of their own, and it follows them everywhere.

Ayden is the alpha of the local werewolf pack. Josh is the alpha of the neighboring town’s pack. They grew up together; best friends. There’s little rivalry between these two…until their voluptuous, plus size mate walks into their lives.

Will a shared mate bring these two best friends closer, or tear them apart?

The decision is made for them when their mate turns to them for help. They will stop at nothing to protect Max, but how far are they willing to go?

Learning of their beastly dark side, will Max be able to face them without fear? After all, it’s a past full of fear she’s trying so hard to escape…

*PLEASE NOTE that this title is an emotionally charged e-book. It contains graphic content that some cannot handle. Some scenes are memorable for haunting reasons. Consider yourself warned.*

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Print Version


Slide1ALLURE (Paranormal Romance)

Emma suffered through her childhood in an orphanage only to then struggle to barely keep herself off the streets. That is, until she met Ryan and Marco.

The problem? One alpha wants to love her, the other one wants to hurt her.

Females are rare in the world of weres, and her inherited royalty status from the parents that abandoned her make her all the more valuable to Ryan. He wants her, and he will get her, regardless of the crimes he has to commit to do so.

Marco scented Emma as his from the second he laid eyes on her. Growing up with no one to rely on but herself, Emma fights her attraction to Marco, running away from his advances…until Ryan crosses the line and endangers them all over her.

Quickly, Marco and his pack, Emma’s new pack, ready themselves for battle, prepared to fight hard to protect her, but a surprise twist will have her soon protecting them and bearing her heart on her sleeve.

PLEASE NOTE: Allure was previously released through another publisher; however, the author has rescinded her rights. This is a republication that has been heavily edited, revised and generously expanded, and is now being sold with a half-off price tag.

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Slide1SUMMER NIGHTS (BBW Interracial Romance)

Plus-size Summer is in need of an escape from the turmoil with her parents and stress of every day life at home. She heads to the island of Puerto Rico for a four-day weekend getaway with her best friend, Stella. She never expected to have a one-night stand, nor did she expect that one-night stand to be anything more. But the connection is undeniable.

Cruz has been running from commitment. His job keeps him going, and keeps his loved ones at risk. So when he meets voluptuous Summer, a long-term relationship is the furthest thing from his mind. But one night with her, and he knows he can’t picture a future without her. Can he convince her of that though? …A lot can happen in four days.

WARNING: This book contains graphic sexual content between one full figured Southern gal and one hot, Latin hunk. It’s a great summer read, just be sure you’re near some water to cool off.

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Slide1MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME (BBW Holiday Romance)

Kelsie is a sassy, smart, and curvaceous event planner with a thing for a certain hot Brit.

Enter said sexy English man, William. Best friend to Kelsie’s brother, Ryan, for six years, he’s four years her junior, funny, available, and, it turns out, he has a thing for her too.

Discover what can happen when you skip the family Christmas scene, much to your mother’s horror, and let the bloody sparks fly.

Warning: This book contains banter, butt slapping and overuse of the word ‘bloody,’ but, like any good Christmas story, it’s full of good cheer.

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Slide1HELLO STRANGER (BBW Interracial Erotica)

Plus size Rachel meets a sexy as sin piece of dark chocolate. Together, they board an elevator. It isn’t long before sparks fly and passion ignites.

One elevator. Two people. One breathtaking experience.

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Slide1SPEECHLESS (BBW Vampire Romance)

Allie never expected to find love. Being a quiet, plus size woman with a kind heart and a passion for history never got her far in the big city.

…until she met Drak.

Drak is a vampire nearly a millennia old. In all his time on earth, he had never met another woman like Allie. He was enamored with the lush beauty from first glance.

With similar interests, and in spite of their remaining stark differences, their love has grown and deepened beyond what either thought they were capable of.

…until now.

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Her Xmas Present

HER XMAS PRESENT (BBW Holiday Romance)

It’s been nearly a year since plus size Libby has seen her best friend, Tyler. One look at him though and all of her old, more-than-friendly feelings return. But a good-looking guy like him couldn’t find her attractive… Could he?

Ty has been away from the woman of his dreams for nearly a year, and every day has been torture. He’s decided that he’s ready to take the leap. He had to know. Could Libby love him as more or would all their years of friendship be too much to risk?

Warning: This book contains hot chocolate, marshmallows, a sexy lawyer and a lot of naughty.

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Slide1CURVOSITY (BBW Paranormal Romance)
*Currently part of the Playing Favorites Anthology for a low, promotional price.*

Lucy is a plus-size girl with a sense of fashion and great taste in men; particularly her boss, the Maxwell Banks. She’s been drooling over him for the past two years, yet knows he’ll always be the star in her fantasies, but nothing more.

Max scented Lucy as his mate the second she walked through his office for her interview. The last two years have been torture as he’s struggled every second not to jump her. Defying his inner wolf is a challenge, nearly as trying as dating a new blonde Barbie every week, trying to distract himself. The problem? It isn’t working.

When Lucy makes a daring choice, determined to move on from an endless dream that’ll never come true, Max takes the reigns, surprising everyone, most of all himself.

Curvosity is a short story containing EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT between a woman with excess sexiness and a hotter than a Florida summer werewolf; a bit of humor and the heroine rising above her insecurities is what dollops this book with charm.

Borrow or Buy It Now: Amazon


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