Black Fall Bears

A Sexy BBW Paranormal Bear Shifter Erotic Romance Series.


18 & Older ONLY.

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Black Fall Bears

Black Fall is a small mountain town. Despite everyone knowing everyone, as this series will unveil, rarely do we know everything about everyone. We all have secrets. We all have desires. And we all have a bear to tame.


Note: Each title is a standalone, novella-to-full-length book featuring a new set of characters: a BBW, a bear shifter and zero cliffhangers. Older characters will return throughout the series in a secondary capacity, so it is best to read the series in order, but it is not required.



Black Fall Bears
Book 1

Plus sized Bryn had resigned herself to a life of solitude, despite her best friend’s efforts. She had accepted her fate and was okay simply focusing on finishing her degree and working fulltime at the coffee shop. The only time she doubted herself was when Bear was around. Then all of her efforts shifted to taming her intense desire for the sexy male.

Orson Bear avoided pursuing Bryn for five years, giving her the opportunity to achieve her goals first. It had been hell on he and his bear, but it was the right decision.

Or so he’d thought.

When Bryn’s life is threatened one night, Bear is forced to act fast, exposing his long held secret: that she is his mate. Shaken by the events, he shares the truth of what he is and what she means to him and his bear.

It’s only when Bryn walks away that Bear realizes his mistake all those years ago. He should have said something from the beginning. He should have chased her. Because the truth was, he needed her more than she needed him.

Or so he’d thought.

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Black Fall Bears
Book 2



Chapter One



“Thanks, Jane.” I snagged the bag off the counter and shoved out the door. The heat swarmed me, making me miss the air-conditioned diner already. Rounding the corner of the restaurant, I froze.

Every hair on my body stood on end at the sight, warning of the dangers. There was something about the woman’s fearlessness that halted me from intervening immediately, though.

“Well, aren’t you a honey pie of cuteness.” The curvy woman squatted down beside the bear cub. Her sleeveless, blue dress clung to her upper body, revealing a nice sample of her cleavage, while the lower half flowed beautifully around her excess. She wore a high-end gold chain necklace with a hand carved wooden wolf pendant.

My heart beat a little faster as she tucked her dress behind her knees, displaying her nude high heels.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.” Helen, Dan’s wife, frantically paced nearby. She grabbed at the roots of her soft red hair, jerking her phone from the outer pocket of her purse. Her expression revealed every ounce of her stress.

Glancing back at the cub, which had to be little Henry, I went on high alert. Helen had every right to panic. They were in public, and the woman with Henry was a complete stranger, likely a tourist, and definitely not one of us, no matter how badly I wanted her to be. My bear was at the ready, prepared to protect our clan at all costs, at any cost.

The full figured brunette ran her fingers up and down the cub’s back calmly, too calmly for a human. “Listen, honey, I know you’re scared, but it’s going to be okay.”

“Oh my god. Oh my god.” Helen continued to pace, casting sidelong glances at her son from time to time in horror. She was a human, her husband a bear shifter. “Dan.” She stopped mid-step. “He did it again!” She screamed into the phone.

I was fixated on the other half of the scene in front of me, though.

Her eyes practically glittered with compassion as she stared at the cub. “Now I want you to close your eyes for me.” She waited for Henry to obey; he hesitated, but eventually complied with her request. “Good job, honey pie.” She looked over at Helen and then back at the boy. “Now concentrate on walking hand in hand with your mom. You’re on two feet, putting one foot in front of the other. Your fingers are intertwined with hers. Her blonde hair is fluttering in the breeze as you tell her about what you want to do later.” Her voice was soothing; she was lulling me with it at a distance. Her patience remained as she continued to put the image into the boy’s head.

Suddenly, Henry began to shake. His fur began to recede, his claws retracted, and still, she continued to talk him through.

“Oh, thank god!” Helen discarded her phone and rushed to her son. The second he fully transitioned back to the boy he was, she crushed him into a hug. “Thank you so much.” Helen yanked the woman into her already full embrace.

The stranger smiled, accepting the stressed mother’s appreciation. “I’m glad I was able to help.”

Suddenly, Helen jumped back and looked around. Opening her large bag, she pulled out a pair of shorts for her naked son. Likely, Henry had shredded his clothes when he shifted unexpectedly.

Peering around, there were a few patrons roaming the sidewalk on the other side of the street, but no one paid them any mind, likely because they couldn’t see beyond the row of cars parked along the road’s edge.

Once he was clothed, the woman squatted down to the cub’s level. “What’s your name, honey pie?”

He gave her a big, toothy grin. “I’m Henry.”

She returned his smile with one of her own. It lit her eyes even more; they were reminiscent of shiny emeralds. It was a rare combination; her iris color looked better suited for a redhead, yet that made her unique and more attractive. “Hi, Henry. I’m Dr. Reeves.”

His eyes widened. “Are you a real doctor or a bear doctor?”

Her answer went straight to my heart and grabbed hold, squeezing tighter than a damned vise. “A good doctor helps everyone they can, whether it’s a boy or a bear.” She gently pressed a finger to his chest. “Or, in your case, both.” She straightened. “Now, if this happens again, I want you to do what you did just now with me. Okay, Henry?”

The boy nodded his head profusely. “Okay.” Excitement lit his tone.

She winked at him; the kid beamed up at her with adoration. She’d definitely earned a fan.

Turning to Helen, she gave the frazzled mother a reassuring smile. “He’s okay, mom. These things happen in the beginning until they’re able to control it. The best thing you can do is remain calm and talk him through it. Help him envision himself as a boy rather than a bear and the shift will happen.” She spun and leaned into the passenger side of the shiny red convertible Mustang. Digging around in a bag, she popped up when she had what she wanted. Passing what looked like a business card to Helen, she placed her hand atop the woman’s. “I’m taking over Dr. Willowstock’s practice. If you need anything, even just a calming voice to walk you through this, give me a call.”

Abruptly, Helen threw her arms around Dr. Reeves. “Thank you so much.” She leaned back, gently shaking the doctor with her enthusiasm. “You’re an angel. The clan is going to be so happy to finally have a doctor that knows.”

We didn’t tell those we didn’t have to. Dr. Willowstock was nice enough, but he was no-nonsense. He didn’t believe in fairytale or folklore. The shifters in town went to Starla, the nursing student daughter of a shifter three towns over, but she was still learning, and on humans no less. She couldn’t prescribe medications; she could only tell someone if they needed to see Dr. Willowstock.

Getting a prescription from the man was every shifter’s nightmare. Our metabolism was at least twice that of an athletic human’s. We needed double or triple the normal dose of any medication, which meant we often had to go to him twice or suck it up and stick it out until nature took its course. Thankfully, despite still being susceptible to most of the common viruses and bacteria humans were, we healed at a slightly faster rate. But a cold was a cold and five days of misery versus seven was still five days of misery.

Her brows furrowed; she was taken aback. “Oh, honey. Dr. Willowstock knows. That’s the whole reason why he chose me. I minored in Pathology, so I can do most of the lab work in the office with the right equipment and not raise suspicion over off-the-chart results.”

Helen put a little distance between them. “I…” She shook her head negatively. “I’m sorry. I don’t understand.”

That made two of us. The old man never said a word. If he knew, then he had purposefully given us human doses, which meant he didn’t care about making his shifter patients better.

Anger surged inside me. My bear growled, echoing my rage. Dropping the bag of food, I rounded into their line of vision. “What do you mean he knows? If that’s the case, then he’s been doing us a disservice.”

To her credit, she didn’t flinch as I stalked towards her, and I wasn’t a small man or bear. Nearly a foot taller than her, my 6’3” frame dwarfed hers.

She faced me with the same patience she had Henry. “I can see why you feel that way, and perhaps Dr. Willowstock should have spoken up, but, number one, he didn’t want to run anyone off; number two, he couldn’t ask every patient whether or not they were a shifter without outing you, and, even if someone told him they were, he doesn’t know how to treat them. Your metabolism is three times that of a human whereas Henry’s is only slightly above a human’s. Your metabolism multiplies as you age, which coincides with shifting more often as you age, but even in shifters, it’s different between male and female. Believe it or not, the man was trying to protect you, because, shifter or not, you’re both vulnerable to overdoses; it’s just that a shifter would recover quicker and might not need his or her stomach pumped. But damage is still plausible.” Her brows furrowed as she searched me. “Dr. Willowstock is a good doctor with excellent ethics. He refused to play Russian Roulette with your lives and put off retirement for three years until he found me.”

“Well, fu-“ My gaze shot to Henry.

The boy pointed at me. “I know what you were going to say.”

“Okay!” Helen’s eyes widened. “Jake, I will let you take over this conversation. Dr. Reeves, thank you. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again soon.” She grabbed Henry’s hand, giving it a jerk. “Say good-bye, Henry.”

“Bye, Dr. Reeves.” He only got a half wave in before his mother dragged him away.

Her eyes sparkled as she watched the boy retreat. She sincerely cared about him; her adoration was genuine. “Bye, Henry.” She waved as the boy gazed back at her; the way he looked at her proved he’d do anything the pretty doctor said.

Fuck! My heart skipped a beat as she turned her attention back to me. The woman was gorgeous and- Oh, fuck. I had been too distracted to realize it was happening.

My bear rose up, clawing at my insides, fighting to get free. Every fiber of my being, of our souls, screamed for me to claim her. My muscles flexed and rolled as I fought the urge to pounce on her. She knew of us, but she was still human.

Her features turned down as she took me in. “Are you okay, Jake?” Her brows creased with the same concern she’d given Henry.

Oh, damn, the way her full, rose tinted lips pursed as she concentrated on me made me want to haul her against me so I could thoroughly tease and taste them. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I was being rude. I knew I was gawking at her, but I couldn’t help it. The way my body, my bear, called for her-

“Jake?” She cocked her head, attempting to meet my gaze.

My heart pounded and my cock pulsed, ready to take her at a moment’s notice. Fuck. This wasn’t good. A thousand considerations ran through my mind. For all I knew, she could know how to treat us but never want to be with one of us.

One look into her bright green eyes and I knew that wasn’t true. No doctor could dedicate their research to a species they despised.

My groin tightened painfully as I recalled how she’d handled Henry. I could easily picture her doing the same with our own cubs the first time they shifted. She would be an amazing mother.

My gaze slid down to her soft belly. To see her stomach swollen, carrying our baby would be the most beautiful sight in the world. The desire took root within me, shooting upwards, consuming my thoughts, erasing all common sense. “You’re my mate.”

Fuck! Shoot me now.

“Oh. I see.” Her voice was steady, as if the news hadn’t affected her in the slightest. She issued a single nod of acknowledgement. “Well, I was on my way to buy a cup of coffee when I ran into Henry. I’m afraid I will have to skip that and go right to the closing.”

“Closing?” I cringed inside. What the fuck was wrong with me? I sounded like a damned parrot.

“I’m not just taking over Dr. Willowstock’s practice. He’s signing everything over to me. It’s a buyout in ways, but at a steep discount. I’m afraid I need to meet him at the lawyer’s office right now, but you can buy me a cup of coffee afterwards. If that goes well, I’ll let you mark me, but no one gets into my big girl panties for a minimum of three dates.” She chuckled lightly, teasingly. Again, though, she seemed unfazed by the news. Was she even attracted to me?

I wasn’t a model, but I wasn’t an ogre either. Fuck. All I wanted to do was strip her abundant curves bare, taste every delightful inch of her and then fuck her senseless.

But I refused to claim any woman who didn’t want me in some capacity.

My bear roared with disapproval, attempting to strengthen his escape.

I easily quieted him. I wouldn’t force her, no matter how understanding she was or how badly I wanted her.

Shaking my head negatively, I put a bit of space between us, to ensure I didn’t lose control. “I don’t want you like that.” My gaze fell to her curves. I couldn’t believe I was even capable of walking away. Fuck, she was luscious and ripe. Her wide hips would be the perfect anchors to grip as I thoroughly drove into her. Her thighs were always touching and would crush my midsection in the most heavenly way as I went deeper, as I sucked her breasts.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! My cock ached. My hands itched to snatch her and run home with her, like some nonsensical caveman.

“I see. Well, it was a pleasure to meet you, Jake. I’m sure I’ll see you around.” Her voice cracked at the end, drawing my focus.

Taken aback, I watched, on high alert, as she rounded the car and got in. Something had happened. Something had changed during my reverie. Something was wrong.

My heart lurched. My body stiffened; my senses heightened. The need to protect her had me scanning the streets, looking for the who or the what that had upset her.

The Mustang’s engine revved to life. I examined her once again, but she refused to look my way. One second before she drove off, I witnessed the single tear that slid down her cheek, and somehow I knew. Deep down I just knew. It was me. I’d done something. I was the reason she was crying.

Ten minutes into finding my mate, I’d already driven her away in tears.


End Teaser.


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