Review Team

As of right now, the review team is at full capacity. Please fill out the form below to be placed on a waiting list. You will be notified upon placement.

Be a part of my Review Team! Get your hands on new titles for FREE, often before they’re released yet. There are a few simple rules, though.

1. You MUST be 18 years of age or older, as the majority of my titles contain adult content.
2. You must agree to provide an honest review of the title on, and wherever else you are able/willing to post it.
3. Your review must be posted within 2 weeks of the title’s release date.
4. A link to your review must be e-mailed to me, providing the proof necessary to maintain your active status on my RT.

PLEASE NOTE: I understand that things come up, and at times, you may not be able to review title(s) in a timely manner. The key piece here is communication. So long as you let me know, you will maintain your active status. But failing to provide a review within the designated timeframe and failing to communicate about tardiness or unexpected events will result in you being permanently barred from my Review Team in the future.

1. FREE books.
2. FREE swag! I will be mailing random Thank You’s to each person on my review team. (Hence the request for your mailing address.)

1. If you are located internationally, you may still sign up for my Review Team. I simply as that you specify your location for review posting purposes. (Other countries have a different Amazon address.)
2. If you are a professional reviewer, you may still sign up for my Review Team, but I ask that you specify that you are a professional reviewer.
3. An official release date and due date will be provided with each review copy provided.
4. Review copies are available in two file types: PDF (can be read on most any computer, tablet or phone) or .mobi (specifically for Kindle or the Kindle reading app – I’ve heard you can read these files with a Kobo reader as well, but am uncertain on this.)
5. Review copies will be provided for Her Soldiers, Her Marine, Her Ranger, and Bear In Mind within the next 7 days, to be reviewed before June 30th. – The rules apply to these titles.
6. Any readers who sign up beyond the 100 slots will be notified that they were placed on a waiting list. The lists will be in order of receipt. I will be looking at the sign up time-stamps to determine placement on the Review Team list and the waiting list. Should someone fail to follow the rules, they will be barred and the next person on the waiting list will be notified.
7. At some point in the future, I will be creating a private group for the Review Team on Facebook, which will allow all of you to interact with me and each other. For now, feel free to e-mail me or friend me on Facebook HERE to message me directly there.

SIGN UP by filling out the form below!

Special Note: Please do not sign up unless you feel that you are able to follow through on your commitment. Spaces are limited, and the rules will be strictly enforced. – Thank you!


9 thoughts on “Review Team

  1. Vicky Darnold says:

    I would love to dont u is. I didn’t put 5 stories down because I can’t pick just 5. Also be advised I will be sending a change of mailing address of I am accepted. Out county is getting new address for 911. But I do not have it at this time.


  2. Amanda Cardot says:

    I would love to be a part of this !!!
    I love every single one of your books and I bought all but 1 of your books for 18+ and the first 2 books from the Vamp Chronicles through Barnes and Noble Nook before you switched. I was soooo happy to find you on Amazon because I was afraid that you had stopped writing!!!

    • christinlovell says:

      I don’t think I will ever stop writing. I’m so happy you found me on Amazon, though! Feel free to fill out the review team form and send it over to be a part of the team, if you haven’t already. 🙂

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